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Bagus Chia Grain Mix

    Bagus Chia Grain Mix

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    Brand: Bagus
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    Add in Bagus Chia Grain Mix in your bakes for healthier option!

    *Chia Seed 
    *Wheat Bran
    *Wheat Sourdough
    *Black glutinous rice
    *No added colouring

    Bagus Chia Grain Mix 150g , High protein flour 350g, water 210g( add in slowly) , Instant Yeast 7g, Butter 50g
    Sugar 55g, egg 50g( 1 piece of size C)
    Optional: Walnuts 100g, Cranberries 80g

    1.Mix all ingredients except for butter using slow speed for 4 minutes , then add in butter 
    2.Using slow speed to mix well for 4 minutes  then increase to fast speed for 5 minutes  and knead till the dough look smooth and elastic
    3. Remove the dough and rest for 10 minutes. Divide the dough according to desired portion

    4.Rest for 10 minutes. Shape each dough portion and place in baking tin

    5. Leave it to proof for appx 40-60 minutes or till double the size. Brush with egg wash 
    6. Bake at  180°c - 190°c for about 16-20 minutes, depending on size
    Chia Grain Mix to flour ratio  can be adjusted according to preference

    Store in A cool/dry place below 22°